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The automated enterprise management system geotechnological complex «DZHETYGARA»


Short description:


The concept of automated enterprise management system geotechnological complex «DZHETYGARA» (AKSU GK «DZHETYGARA») has been formed on the basis of a systematic approach using the methods of simulation and object-oriented modeling and satellite navigation system of global positioning system. Structure AKSU GK «DZHETYGARA» includes a number of subsystems that enabled to solve the whole range of tasks, for example, monitoring of geotechnological complex, including the calculation of resource base (AIS «GEOLOGIYA (GEOLOGY)»), operational monitoring of mining situation in the opencast's space, technical and technological parameters of the objects (ASD GTR «ADIS»), operational monitoring of the quality characteristics of intra-opencast's ore-stream (AISM «Rudopotok (Ore-stream)»), operational monitoring of environmental conditions (OIAS «EKO-Zhitikara»); mine planning, taking into account the arrangement of interaction of mining and transport equipment and their technical characteristics in the geological and mining conditions (IPMK «Kalendarnoe planirovanie (Scheduling) GTR»), repair schedules of main process equipment and process control of reproduction capacity (IPMK «ASU PVPM GTSK»), simulation and optimization of opencast technological complexes with road and rail transport (IPMK «CEBADAN»), as well as enterprise reporting system for technical and economic performance of the mining and transport complex (IPMK «Kompleksnye korporativnye otchety (Complex corporate reports)»).



On-board base station and an automated dispatch system of mining and transport operations «ADIS»


On-board base station and an automated dispatch system of mining and transport operations «ADIS»



Methodical software «Konkurentosposobnost (Competitiveness)» is being finalized, it is designed to evaluate the effectiveness of opencast geotechnological complex for one shift, month, year.


One of the major problems solved in the proposed system is the realization of an automated monitoring and control of quality characteristics of intra-opencast ore-stream in real-time mode. A set of tools provided in the program enable to optimize ore-stream performance for the specified criteria of ore quality and existing technological limits, to plan and control in real-time mode the sequence of stoping of mine sections and operational control of equipment for obtaining of required quality ore-stream.


AKSU GK «DZHETYGARA» allows to perform optimization in an automated mode on a large set of options and determine the optimal having regard to production and other limits.


It should be noted that the calculation of technical-economic indicators for the geotechnological complex can be carried out in total for the mining and transport complex, and separately for the excavator-automobile and excavator-railway complexes. This feature provides the sensitivity of the system and allows you to quickly identify the cause of more expensive cost.


The main advantage and merit of this system is that the operational, current and future planning processes, and the management of geotechnological complex based on the reliable and quickly obtained the mining-geological, mining information, which takes into account the current economic situation and organizational context at the enterprise.


AKSU GK «DZHETYGARA» is designed for full control Geotechnological complexes at the opencasts. Depending on the tasks and functions it is oriented for all employees, from staff involved in the implementation process in an opencast to senior executives.


Competitiveness of the system is ensured significantly lower cost products compared to similar foreign developments; by a high scientific-theoretical and practical importance of the assigned problems and the range of problems, solutions which have no analogues in the world; by using modern research methods and recent advances in global economic thought. In addition, in spite of the high practical relevance, none of the known world of similar systems allow to perform calculations the final cost, the registration of environmental emissions and expenses, the quality characteristic of ore-streams, and none of the known system provide planning and management geotechnological complexes on the basis of conditions of corporate functioning of the complex and does not use in their decisions simulation of operating of opencast's mining and transport systems.


Level of readiness:


Ready to implementation.


Availability of patents:


According to the proposed development has been obtained patents and provisional patents of the Republic of Kazakhstan, certificates of compliance.




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