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Technology for smelting of the ferro-aluminum-silicon and «Kazahstanskiy» alloy


Short description:


Ferro-aluminum-silicon and «Kazahstanskiy» alloyTechnology for smelting of the ferro-aluminum-silicon and the «Kazahstanskiy» alloy for deoxidation, modification and alloying of steel, based on the use of offgrade carbonaceous feed was developed.


Produced alloy of iron, silicon and aluminum with the additions of modifier elements of non-metallic inclusions (calcium, barium, etc.) and alloying elements (vanadium, titanium, etc.) due to their properties has a high degree of recovery by the melted steel, provides the reduction of non-metallic inclusions and visible hot cracking, improves the structure and quality of work steel.


Level of readiness:


Experimental series of the «Kazahstanskiy» alloy have been successfully tested at the ThyssenKrupp Metallurgie GmbH (Germany) and the industrial tests was carried out at the TH «Ferrosplavy» (Russia), Colakoglu Metallurgy (Turkey).


Availability of patents:


Patents of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Russian Federation, Kyrgyzstan, European patent have been obtained for the alloy «Kazahstanskiy».


International Patent Application published in the International Bureau of WTPO in 141 countries around the world.


National Phase of International Patent is begun. A patent application filed to the 66 countries, including USA, Japan, Germany, China.




ThyssenKrupp Metallurgie GmbH (Germany).





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