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Automatic analyzer of cyanide in waste water and pulp


Short description:


Fixed automatic device of continuous operation.


The device is designed to determine the concentration of cyanide in waste waters and pulps of various companies at Fisheries and sanitary standards.


The device is used as a sensor control systems regulating the cleaning process of cyano-containing wastewater, as well as in quality control systems of wastewater discharged by enterprises into water for household and fishing destination. The analyzer allows you to make a quantitative determination of cyanide in the effluent is 10 times faster than with known methods of analysis.


The analyzer is installed in production facilities (treatment plant), processing and gold extraction plants, electroplating plants and other facilities that form cyano-containing waste water.



Measuring range, mg/dm3, CN 0,25
Responsivity, mg/dm3, CN 0,02
Electrical capacity, VA 100,0
Boundary dimensions, mm 600х700х1800
Operating speed, min 15,0
Accuracy, rel., % 10,0
Mass, kg 75



Level of readiness:


Automatic cyanide analyzer «Суаn» is listed in the State Register of the Republic of Kazakhstan № 116/249-2001 from 01.11.2001


Availability of patents:


USSR author's certificates and patents of RK.




Vasilkovskiy GOK;

Makmalskaya ZIF.





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