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Complex organic-mineral fertilizers on the base of phosphate of Chilisayskiy deposit


Short description:


Technological parameters for obtaining hard mixed compound fertilizers in granular form are developed, it is carried out by a simple acid-free scheme through mechanochemical activation of phosphate ore and produced by LLC «Temir - Servis» phosphate powder of the Chilisayskoe deposits. The optimum compositions of organic compounds (waste of poultry and livestock, the liquid product of pyrolysis of rice husk) and phosphate powder that allow us to obtain high-efficiency fertilizer mixtures with a given content of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and trace elements are defined.


Physical-chemical basis of the interaction of oxidized lignite of the Lengerskiy and Aktobe deposits were studied and baseline data for the synthesis of fertilizer compositions of these coals were obtained. The developed compositions of organic-mineral fertilizer use domestic raw materials, toxic wastes and can decide problem of increasing soil fertility and improve the environmental situation in the agricultural regions.


Level of readiness:


The laboratory studies were carried out obtained and technological parameters of the production of complex organic fertilizers were obtained. The process of production of these fertilizers in granular form perfected in the laboratory integrated conditions.


RSE «NC CPMRM RK» has the technical ability to create a pilot trial series of use for agrochemical tests. Further participants of the development are willing to participate in planning and implementing this project for the production of new fertilizer at the production plants.


Availability of patents:


The invention application is made.




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