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Thermal processing of rice husk


Short description:


Rice processing waste - rice husk- is 20-30% by weight of rice (150-200 million tons per year -in the world, more than 70 tons per year - in Kazakhstan).


Complex rice husk processing technology has been developed and recognized as the best invention in 2007 following the results of the Republican contest «Shapagat».


Pilot set to process 300 kg/day of rice husk have been created, the obtained products (silicon-carbon (CC), organic product (OP)) were tested in various industries.



Pilot set to process of rice husk

Pilot set to process of rice husk



The use of silicon-carbon as a filler in the manufacture of rubber instead of the traditional carbon black, and white soot contributes to improving the processing characteristics of rubber compounds and vulcanizates prepared: growth elasticity (10-12%), improve adhesion and enhance the strength properties (10-15%). With the addition of silicon-carbon into carbon anti-friction products it improves their properties, in particular, almost an order of magnitude reduces gas permeability and increases the service life in hostile environments.


The introduction of silicon-carbon in the feed ration of poultry has a positive effect on its safety and productivity: the increase of live weight increased by 25-38%, egg production by 12-15%, the cost of feed per unit gain is reduced by 25-29%.


Application of 0,5% organic product solution as a stimulator of plant growth provides higher yields of green mass of alfalfa - by 22,4%, barley - 26,3%, corn - by 28,6%.


50% solution of the organic product is effective as a disinfectant against tuberculosis cells.


Currently is being tested in the output of the high-purity silicon from silica-carbon composite.


Level of readiness:


The developed technology is ready for industrial implementation. Capital expenditures for the establishment of industrial production (which has no analogues in world practice) will make $2.5 million. The industrial modular set with capacity 1200 tons of CC and 900 tons of OP per year will provide income from sales of about $2 million per year. Profitability of production -124%.


Availability of patents:


Technology for processing of rice husk and the use of products in these sectors of the economy are protected by patents of RK.




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