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Research and development projects of the National Center have been implemented at various domestic industrial enterprises including Bakyrchikskoe Mining Company LLP, TNK Kazchrome JSC, Kazzinc LLP, Kazakhmys Corporation LLP, Alel FIC JSC, and Sary-Kazna LLP, ENRC, Kostanay Minerals JSC, Kazatomprom NAC JSC, Vasilkovsky GOK JSC, Orken LLP, Ore Mining Company LLP, SSGPO JSC, ArcelorMittal Steel Temirtau JSC, NOVA-ZINC JV LLC and others.


Conversion of Jambul Khimprom phosphorus plant and Temirtau chemicometallurgical plant into enterprises for production of manganese alloys has been carried out.


A mini-factory for production of new complex ferrosilicoaluminum alloy has been established in Ekibastuz city.


Commercial production of new type of carbon-reducing agent – special coke - from non-caking steam coal has been arranged in Karaganda city.


A factory for processing of rice husks to produce flint carbon and organic product, which due to its properties and multifunctionality could replace a number of kinds of chemical products imported into Kazakhstan, including elastomers fillers and carbon composite materials, supplement feeds for farm birds, sorbents, plant growth stimulants and disinfectants is being established.


Technology for processing of arsenic-carbonaceous gold ore from Bakyrchik deposit following the calcinating and cyanation pattern is implemented at Bakyrchikskoe Mining Company LLP.


Thermal-oxidative coking coal technology is implemented in the construction of factories in Zhanaarka village and Saran city, Karaganda region.


Activities of RSE NC CPMRM RK are not confined to Kazakhstan. The National Centre maintains close contacts with colleagues from near and far abroad. The lead factories had been constructed in Italy, Canada and Bolivia, and zinc plants had been constructed in Uzbekistan and a new zinc plant is being built in Russia and gold recovery plants are being built in China, Russia, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan following the technology of the National Center. License agreements were concluded for the use of KIVCET process and KIVCEТ installation during construction of new and conversion of existing lead plants in China. Design documentation is being developed for construction of large-scale ferrosilicoaluminum plants in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, and negotiations are held on construction of similar plants in Canada, Iceland and Algeria.