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Institute of Geology and Economics of Mineral Raw Materials «Kazkern»


Institute of geology and economics of mineral raw materials «Kazkern» was established for research maintenance of geology of the Republic of Kazakhstan for the purpose of promotion of industrial and innovative development of Kazakhstan economy by providing raw materials.


The purpose of activity:

Conduct of applied research in geology and development of deposits of mineral raw materials, ferrous, non-ferrous, rare and precious metals from forecast to prospecting, deposit discovery and its economic assessment with recommendation on production method and processing of mineral raw materials.


Activity profile:kazkern

  • implementation of fundamental and applied research;
  • taking part in development of industry research programs and assessment of innovation projects, assistance in organization of implementation of research and development programs;
  • taking part in determination of the priority directions of development of R&D works and innovation technologies on base of compilation of international practice;
  • System analysis, exploring and forecast of resources base of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • comprehensive geological development of ore discoveries and deposits of mineral raw materials;
  • kazkern2
  • comprehensive conduction of engineering geological, geodynamical, mining technical, hydrogeological issues and issues of soil science, technical melioration, regional and engineering geology;
  • assessment of reserves and deposits of mineral resources;
  • organization of mining and site investigations and works;
  • international cooperation in research, educational and economic activity, organization and conduction of international and republican conferences, symposiums, propaganda of achievements of science and technics;
  • development and introduction of results of scientific papers, methodical manuals and recommendations on basic activity profiles;
  • kazkern3
  • improvement of explorations methodology and methods of evaluations of minerals reserves;
  • economics of mineral raw materials and exploration works for solid minerals.


Contact information:

The Republic of Kazakhstan

4th Floor, 191, Abai Ave, Almaty city

Tel./Fax: 8 (727) 376 51 76

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Web site: www.kazkern.kz