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Published since July, 2000


Periodicity: 4 issues per year



The journal publishes analytical reviews, experts opinions in item «Petroleum», «Power engineering», «Industry», «Examination», «Technologies», «Standardization», «Ecology», «Legislation», and also scientific results in section «Tender of technologies».





Package of materials intended for publication should contain:

  1. Covering letter to edition of journal from organization where this work is done with a request to publish article.
  2. Expert's report about publication possibility.
  3. Review of leading expert in field of represented work.
  4. Article manuscript in paper or electronic version (the file with article should be assigned surnames of first author, for example: article of_Aiymbetova).
  5. Abstract of article in Kazakh, Russian and English languages.
  6. Data about authors (surname, name, patronymic, academic degree, status, position, full name of establishment where work is done, full name of the establishment where the authors work, address, phone, e-mail).


Manuscripts requirements:

Text in volume of 5 full pages of А-4 format in Kazakh or Russian or English languages should be typed in Microsoft Word editor. Print is «Kz Times New Roman» or «Times New Roman», type size is 12, line spacing is 1. Justified alignment. Text should be without arrangement of translations and pagination. Sizes of fields: head and bottom - 2 sm, right – 1 sm, left – 3 sm.


It is necessary to stick to following plan by writing of article:

- The Universal Decimal Classification;

- Surname, (first) name, patronymic;

- Article name (by capital letters in the middle of line without dot, the abbreviation is excluded);

- Empty string;

- Article text.


Physical units and designations in article should be given according to International system of Units.


Abbreviation of words is excluded, and also standard abbreviation, except for designations of metric measures.



A list of quoted literature should be drawn up in accordance with GOST 7.1-2003. References to the literature in article text are designated by serial number in square brackets. References to unpublished are excluded. Foreign surnames and terms in the text should be resulted in article language, and in the list of references - in a source language.


Each table of numerical data should have the serial number designated in Arabian figures, and the heading explaining maintenance of it. It is necessary to place table number on the right, and the heading assigned by thick print on the center. Sizes and their dimension should be mentioned in the top part of sections. The exposition of the same data in table and in picture is excluded.


Figures and drafts should be done in any graphic editor and given as separate files in JPEG format, size of them should be no more 18х24 sm. The caption of figures should be below on the center, number of figure with word «Fig.» – in italics, the name of figure – in thick print.


At references words «table» and «figure» should be written completely with indications of their numbers, for example: «… in table 1 …», «… in figure 3 …», «… (table 2).» etc.


Photographic material (bitmaps) should be provided with the final resolution of 300 dpi at 100% Size (width: Column 1 - 85 mm, 2 columns -175 mm). Not all owed scaling of the raster elements 90 and less than 110%. To scan the accepted material without defects (tears, fading, etc.).


Formulas and equations are made in the formula editor. It is necessary to assign equations and formulas from the text in separate line and to number in order within whole article in Arabian figures in parentheses in outside right position at line. One free line should be passed above and below each formula or equation. If the equation doesn't get into one line it should be moved after mathematical characters («=», «+», «-», «×», «:» or other) which in the beginning of next line will be repeated. You should apply sign «×» by transfer of formula on sign symbolizing operation of multiplication.


The elucidation of values of symbols and numerical coefficients should be given directly under the formula by observing sequence of giving of them in the formula.


Manuscripts which are not answer to present rules will be sent back to authors for corrections. Date of receipt of manuscript will be considered a date of receipt of article in corrected variant (articles are published in sequence order). The proof-sheet for viewing won’t be sent to author.


Edition reserves the right not to return it to author in case of rejection of article.


Scientific articles should be directed to RSE «NC CPMRM RК»:


Address: 050036, Almaty, Zhandosov St., 67

Ph.: (727) 2590070 (ad. 136)

Fax: (727) 2590075

E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Rules for authors of articles in pdf format