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Geology and mining

Stowing operations technology on the basis of waste (VNIItsvetmet)

zakladkaStowing operations technology with the preparation of multi-component consolidating stowing mixtures on the basis of the solid waste of mining and metallurgical industries based on the mixed grinding of components and preparing of stowing mixtures in a ball mill.



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Industrial explosives for the destruction of rocks and ores (VNIItsvetmet)

Composition of the new explosive (E) - granulite A-8FSA - includes ferro- silicon-aluminum (FSA) powder as a fuel metal additive to replace the powder or aluminum dust.




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Electromagnetic hammer drill (D.A. Kunayev Mining Institute)

emp-ridder2Electromagnetic hammer drill (EMHD) designed for drilling the drill holes and the wells of diameter 40-85 mm in the rocks with the hardness more than 10 according to Protodjakonova, and created at the Mining Institute named after D.A. Kunayev and its technical characteristics has no analogues abroad. Its electrical energy is converted directly into the impact force to destroy (drilling) of the rocks, efficiency 0,35 - 0,40.

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