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Development of a design system, strategic planning and management of an anthropogenic geosystems based on the object-oriented methodology (OOM) (RSE «NC CPMRM RK»)

proekt2Management of the development process is performed using the theory and practice of sound stewardship projects (SSP OOM) of information systems development. Development of a system, it’s components and their connections made with the use of object-oriented analysis, design and programming.


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Complexes of continuous flow process technology and cyclical-and-continuous method for developing of deep opencasts of RK (RSE «NC CPMRM RK»)

rgto2The most effective technologies of mining and transport and dumping operations during the mining of deep opencasts are cyclical-and-continuous methods (CCM). Ore production and overburden removal using cyclical-and-continuous methods realized by complexes that include the variety of cyclical effect excavation-loading machines (excavators, loaders, etc.) and the continuous operation sets of machinery and facilities of conveying bridge stripping system (rotary overburden excavators, spreaders, loading machines, etc.), their operation creates a continuous flow of rock from the places of loading to places of stacking.

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The automated enterprise management system geotechnological complex «DZHETYGARA» (D.A. Kunayev Mining Institute)

The concept of automated enterprise management system geotechnological complex «DZHETYGARA» (AKSU GK «DZHETYGARA») has been formed on the basis of a systematic approach using the methods of simulation and object-oriented modeling and satellite navigation system of global positioning system. Structure AKSU GK «DZHETYGARA» includes a number of subsystems that enabled to solve the whole range of tasks, for example, monitoring of geotechnological complex, including the calculation of resource base (AIS «GEOLOGIYA (GEOLOGY)»), operational monitoring of mining situation in the opencast's space, technical and technological parameters of the objects (ASD GTR «ADIS»), operational monitoring of the quality characteristics of intra-opencast's ore-stream (AISM «Rudopotok (Ore-stream)»), operational monitoring of environmental conditions (OIAS «EKO-Zhitikara»); mine planning, taking into account the arrangement of interaction of mining and transport equipment and their technical characteristics in the geological and mining conditions (IPMK «Kalendarnoe planirovanie (Scheduling) GTR»), repair schedules of main process equipment and process control of reproduction capacity (IPMK «ASU PVPM GTSK»), simulation and optimization of opencast technological complexes with road and rail transport (IPMK «CEBADAN»), as well as enterprise reporting system for technical and economic performance of the mining and transport complex (IPMK «Kompleksnye korporativnye otchety (Complex corporate reports)»).

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