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Ground-space monitoring of earth surface strike shift (D.A. Kunayev Mining Institute, Institute of Space Technique and Technology)

Observations of the earth surface strike shift, the stability of structures during the surface and underground working as well as the condition of soil mass in the zone of influence of drivage carried out by a complex of satellite geodesy and high-precision leveling method.



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Geophysical monitoring of rock mass by means of technical complex «Geosonar» (D.A. Kunayev Mining Institute, Institute of Space Technique and Technology)

In order to solve the problems of underground geological structures and engineering structures at depths up to 100 meters the sensing of uderground geological structures and underground engineering facilities is carried out. It is done by excitation with subsequent reception of reflected acoustic waves, and further interpretation of the received information through the software and hardware compl

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The program «Ustoychivost (Stability)» (D.A. Kunayev Mining Institute)

Stability and limit angles of opencast site is calculated taking into account the heterogeneity of subsoil for each layer, the seismic impact of the explosion and the water content of its individual parts. The program «Ustoychivost (Stability)» calculates the coefficients of the stability of opencast sites, not only during mining, but also during the creation of inside and outside dumps.


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Geomechanical support of surface and underground mine development (D.A. Kunayev Mining Institute)

Series of studies of stress-strain state of Zhezkazganskoe, Sokolovo-Sarbaiskoe chromite deposits have been made. Parameters of constructions for different mining systems have been calculated.

Temporary Regulations and Procedures for calculating the parameters of rib-and-pillar system to slightly dipping, angled, thin deposits of Zhezkazganskoe mine field, Methods of calculating the parameters during the mine development at the «Molodezhnaya» pit, programs to calculate of opencast site stability are developed.

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Artificial stope sill concerning to the conditions of the development of weak and soft ores (D.A. Kunayev Mining Institute)

Building the construction of the stope sill is a phased drivage of the service entries that are filled with concrete mix, first as supports, then as dome-shaped ceilings. Between supports the rock (ore) material is extracted, forming a entry of the appropriate destination.



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