«Kazmekhanobr» State Scientific Production Association of Industrial Ecology




«Kazmekhanobr» State Scientific Production Association of Industrial Ecology was founded in 1958.


kazmechanobrStructure of Kazmekhanobr connecting scientific, design departments, and also single in republic existing experimental plant on implementation of semi industrial tests on dressing ability of ores of new deposits with delivery of data for reserves affirmation in SCR of RК. Enterprise allows realizing of developed high-performance technologies in branch of dressing of polymetallic and gold-bearing ores, Environment Protection and rational nature management, treatment of potable and sewage waters.


Association specializes on implementation:

  • Technological researches and services including analysis of structure of objects of ore and anthropogenic raw materials, their technological characteristics; development of new technologies, technological schemes and modes of processing of all types of ores, biochemical refining of ground and sewage water; development of scientifically grounded recommendations, production schedules for designing and reconstruction of production; development and production of equipment, installations, control appliances.
  • Ecological researches and services , including organization and carrying out of monitoring, evaluation and prognosis of environmental conditions, kazmechanobr3 including in areas of activity of enterprises of mining-metallurgical complex, chemical industry, space industry; development of scientifically grounded ecological specifications, standards; substantiation of complex and rational using of natural resources; ecological zoning; determination of danger class of production wastes, receiving of permission to nature management, development projects of MPD (maximum permissible drain), MPD (maximum permissible drain discharge) and waste storage; estimation of impact on environment of under project and existing enterprises, development of utilization technology and waste storage of consumption and production, environmental expertise and auditing services.
  • Design works including development of projects on construction of mining complexes, dressing plants, reject economy, hydrometallurgical installations; development of feasibility study on building of solid sewage grounds, burial grounds for animal refuse; complex designing with giving of document; designer’s inspection.

Introduced developments of last years

  • kazmechanobr2Technology of tight dressing of gold from poor gold-bearing ore and anthropogenic raw materials. Technology of delivering of gold from solutions by using of ion exchangers and activated coals: Zhanan, Mukur, Suzdal, Miyali, Mizek, Balazhal, Komarovski, Bestobe, Uzboi.
  • High-performance technology of desorption of gold and regeneration of ion exchanger carried out in one appliance: «Altyn Tobe» mining company LLP; «ANDAS-ALTYN» ore mining comopmany LLP; Balazhal mine LLP «Semgeo»; LLC «Saga Krik Gold Company»; Vasilkovski GOK; Asi plant (China)..
  • Electrolysis of gold from sour solutions of thiourea with using of cheap anodes instead of expensive platinum anodes: Asi plant (China); «Altyn Tobe» mining company LLP, ANDAS-ALTYN ore mining company LLP, Semgeo JSC, Vasilkovski GOK, Makmalskaya LLC (Kyrgyzstan).
  • Technology of processing of iron ore of deposit «Kentobe»: «Orken» LLP of Ispat-Karmet JSC.
  • Technology of processing of copper-lead-zinc-gold-bearing pyrite ores of Rubtsovsk deposit: «Russian Ore Mining Company» JSC (Russia).
  • Projects, working documentation on objects of various enterprises (dressing plant «Voshod» on processing of chromic ores, processing plant of gold-copper (Varvarinsk), plant on processing of nickel ores, garbage processing complex of modular type (Almaty, Astana, Taraz), sulfuric acid plant) and their technical maintenance: TNK «Kazhrom» JSC, «Varvarinskoe» JSC, Altyn Tet LLP, «GRK Kazakhstan Nickel» LLP, «Altaipolymetal» LLP, MDM (RSA), DRА International (RSA), «Metchel» (Russia), Kozhema (France), CHINA GOLD CORP (China), Imabe-Iberika (Spain), Desmet Ballestra s.p.a. (Italy), «Soiuz» (Russia), Baran Engineering (Israel), Oriel Recourses (Great Britain), SKZ-U LLP, Katco JV LLP.


Contact information:

Republic of Kazakhstan, 050036

Almaty, Zhandosov St., 67



8 (727) 309-25-82 (Secretary)

8 (727) 309-25-79 (Fax)


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Web Site: http://kazmekhanobr.kz