D.A. Kunayev Mining Institute



D.A. Kunayev Mining Institute operates since December 6th, 1994. The institute is one of the largest research-and-production centres of Kazakhstan and Central Asia effecting scientific and technological securing of mining production.


In structure of Institute there are 16 scientific laboratories, 6 scientific departments, engineering design and patent-information departments, department of automation of scientific-technological developments, training-methodological department, public catering department.


SSE «D.A. Kunayev Mining Institute»

Institute specializes on implementation of:

  • Fundamental researches including development of effective, nonpolluting and safety technologies of complex development of natural and anthropogenic mineral deposits, scientific and technical bases of automated systems of design, planning and management of mining enterprises and mechanization of underground and surface minings on base of new information technologies.
  • Engineering-geological researches including engineering-geological reconnaissance and plotting; geophysical researches; hydro-geological researches.
  • Design works including designing of engineering systems and networks (heating, ventilation and conditioning, water supply and the sewerage system, heat supply, power supply, electricity lighting and heat, automation and TME (testing-and-measurement equipment), low-current devices, transport) of mining enterprises and technological processes of mining production; development of special parts of projects (Environment Protection, labour protection, estimate documentation, engineering-technical activities of civil defence, activities for caution of emergency) and projects on construction and reconstruction of objects of mining and processing branches of industry.
  • Consulting services in branch of mining law, economy of mining production, Geo-Environmental Engineering and geotechnology, drilling-blasting operations and creation of explosives, safety of conducting of mining operations.
  • Postgraduate vocational training including training of personnel of top skills at doctoral candidacy on scientific specialities: 25.00.22 - Geotechnology (underground, surface and construction) and 25.00.20 Geomechanics, demolition of rocks by explosion, mine aerogasdynamics and mining thermal physics; at postgraduate study (on full-time and partial tuition) on scientific specialities: 25.00.22 - Geotechnology (underground, surface and construction), 25.00.20 Geomechanics, demolition of rocks by explosion, mine aerogasdynamics and mining thermal physics, 25.00.35 - Geo-Information technology; at magistracy: 6N0707 - Mining, 6N0724 - Technological machines and equipment.

Introduced developments of last years

  • Electromagnetic perforator (EP)Electromagnetic perforator (EP): Ridder-Sokolny mine of Kazzinc JSC.
  • Production of industrial explosives from nonexplosive components: Moinak Hydro Power Plant, «Taskum LLP», «Altyn Dauren» LLP, «Interchem LLC (Kyrgyzstan), «MONRIN» (Mongolia), etc.
  • construction of deep-hole charge: Composite «Tas-Kum» LLP; Moinak branch of China International Water & Electric Corp. LTD.
  • Automated program complex of modeling of inspection system and control of ventilation at mining enterprises with underground mining operations of minerals: Corporation Kazakhmys LLP, Zhezkazgan mine rescue department.
  • Software-methodical ensuring of optimization of basic technological processes and imitation models of excavator-and-automobile and excavator-and-railway complexes of open cast mines: Kostanay minerals JSC, «Sokolovsko-Sarbaiskoye mining production association» JSC, «GEM SOFTWARE RUS» (Russia).
  • Automated corporate control system of geotechnological complex «Zhetiqara»: Kostanay minerals JSC.
  • Automated information system of monitoring «Rudopotok»: Kostanay minerals JSC.
  • Method of management of completeness and efficiency of deriving of minerals from subsurfaces at exploitation of ore deposits: Kazzinc JSC.
  • Analysis of technological parameters during processing gas abundant flat coal-seams with filler:: «Kazakh state research institute on labour safety in mining» SSE of MES of RK; Engineering center «Safety of production» LLP; NIPI KazTechProject LLP.
  • Provisional methodical instructions on detection of weakened parts on mines ZHezkazgantsvetmet LLP: Corporation Kazakhmys LLP.
  • Installation of UBS-2 for ramp craters: Donskoy Mining and Processing Combine JSC, TNC Kazchrome JSC.


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